Kyrgyzstan has a huge potential for walnut growing development having the world biggest ancient walnut forests in the south of the country with a total area of approximately 41 thousand hectares, and the fruit yield of which is up to 5 thousand tons per year. Favorable climate conditions, lands and manpower are available to boost walnut production. Only the combined efforts of farmers, scientists and government bodies are needed.

Zolotoy Oreh company was recognized as the best exporter of walnut within the framework of the National Competition 'Best Exporter 2018' organized by the Investment Promotion and Protection Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic with the technical assistance of the USAID project Competitive Enterprise.

It is proposed to create plantations of nut trees in Kyrgyzstan. Draft law on Cultivation of Walnuts in the Kyrgyz Republic was developed and submitted for public discussion by a group of deputies of the Parliament.